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So, I wouldn’t normally post something like this but I’m pretty proud of my weight loss journey so far. Eating better and working out at the dojo 3 times a week has done amazing things for me over the last few months. If you are looking for a natural way to lose weight and want some help come check out a class with me at Lions Karate of Fort Wayne! It could change your life like it’s changed mine.-J.C.

Thanks to Anita and Ron kuhn for being the best teacher my child has had. She really loves the karate classes and is stepping out of her comfort zone. The staff are amazing and very patient. We will most definitely be hanging around for a long time. Thanks again to all the staff epically Mr. And Mrs. Kuhn- C. Averhart

A positive place to learn and grow as a martial artist and a person. I love how they are always giving back to the community! Amazing instructors and students- C. Singleton

Julian has just started karate and is a week in. He seems to really like it and I'm noticing changes at home already. We all have different reasons for enrolling our children, Julian's reason is a little deeper. So far he is making great strides! A big thank you to Mr. Kuhn and his wife for all they do and the hard work they put in. Looking forward to the growth to come!
#BetteringOurYouth #Adhd #KarateAndTheInnerStrengthItTeaches- K. Garber

This place is AMAZING!!!! My son(Cameron Bush) went to the free class this passed Saturday and I was amazed at how well he did!! I signed him up for a month. He is doing so well for never really being physically active like this and I have already seen a boost in his confidence!!! I am so excited to see how fare along he will be at the end of this month!!! If he does well and really likes and enjoys it then I will have s karate kid!!!!- C. Bush

T. Quinones - I have started my 10 year old son in their karate class and so far he loves it, I'm hoping he learns a lot from Mr. Kuhn. Thank you for all you and your wife do!!

This place is awesome! My son came today for the free event/class....he did very well! Thank you Mr. Sensei!- C. Anitsiskwa

My girls have begging me to put them in a sport for a while. I seen lions karaye was having a special and decided i woukd try to put my kids in something they could bennefit from. They loved it. They ask when we are going , when their next meet is. The staff is so nice and helpful with the kids. I recommend them for beginners or kids that are shy.- S. Fadel

My kids just adores this class thanks for being so nice - A. Simon

My kids love going to Karate! It's been so good at teaching them to listen and follow instruction and has really boosted their confidence.-K.Johnson

My son loves going to karate at Lions Karate. The instructor is very patient with all the kids. I recommend this to any fault looking for a great experience for their little ones.-T.Coulson

My 8 yr old son loves everything about lions! Best thing I could have put him in.-J.Kelly

Everything about this place is wonderful..Very clean environment and my family love coming every week. The birthday party was very entertaining for the kids!!-K.Kinnie

We have been taking our six year old son with autism to Lions Karate for a couple months now. The instructor does a great job at including him and correcting him without pointing attention to his deficits. There are a lot of difficult things about karate for my son (loud noises, crowds, etc), but he still enjoys it. I am certain he is learning much more than karate moves, and he is having fun during the process!-G.Johns:-

My 5 year old recently started at Lions Karate two weeks ago and we couldn't be more impressed. The staff is great and does a fabulous job including new, inexperienced students in a positive and supportive way.-J.Mendez

And the BEST thing about Lion's is that it is not a black belt scam. You have to work for your belt and have the skill sets and competence to deserve it. It is not a "diploma mill."-D.Appiarius

This is a great place to learn many life skills, exercise, meet some awesome people and build new friendships. Lions Karate of Fort Wayne is unique and family friendly. The instructor is amazing... no egos here...

My daughter is 5 years old and loves coming here, the staff members are wonderful, the program works with our schedule, and no contracts! Tonight my daughter actually participated in sparring which I never thought she would be comfortable with, but she keeps amazing me! I am very grateful to the instructors for the way they have provided encouragement to my daughter to step out of her comfort zone! This place is awesome!!!-T.Cantrell

Baylen is 6 and had his first sparring session last night…Never done anything like this before and can't tell you how impressed we are with Lions Karate! Great people, so much value for our $! Thanks Lions Karate...black belt here we come!-M.McCaf

My son loves this class! He is continuing to get better every week and his confidence is higher. I cannot say enough good things about this place and their instructors!!!-A.Kidney

Its all my daughter talks about since we signed her up and she loves it she is shy and seems to try to open up there and i recommend Lions karate to everyone that would like their children to get into karate awesome atmosphere-S.Perkins

My daughter loves it!! The atmosphere is great. I can't wait for my son to be old enough to join!-B.Perkins

Excellent! Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn are so kind, generous, patient, and dedicated. I love what these classes and people have impacted my daughter. Thank you!-ZB.West

I honestly have been very impressed with your ability to work with kids of all ranges of abilities, and …. he is building more life skills from your class.-G.Johns

My son has so much fun while he's doing karate this is the best thing that I ever could have done it has taught him a lot he gets so mad when we can't come and that tells you how much she really enjoys karate Lions is the best place to teach the children karate there is all ages there and they are really good and the people that run it are really really nice people and work with you so the kids can have fun togetherM O’Dell

My husband, myself, and our 3 kids have a ton of fun while attending Lions Karate classes. We are striving to give our kids a self empowerment for their everyday lives. We love Lions Karate and thank them for all of the time and patience they put into our family. B. Patterson

My family and I joined Lions Karate around 5 months ago. We really enjoy karate here. I would recommend this place to everyone...oh wait....I already do that! Love, Love, Love Lions Karate! Worth trying out!J. Marschke

Exceptional! Lions Karate has done wonders for my son's confidence and self-esteem. Mr. Kuhn is so patient with the kids, while teaching them discipline at the same time. Definitely would recommend to anyone!-J.Blackman

My son has so much fun while he's doing karate this is the best thing that I ever could have done it has taught him a lot he gets so mad when we can't come and that tells you how much she really enjoys karate Lions is the best place to teach the children karate there is all ages there and they are really good and the people that run it are really really nice people and work with you so the kids can have fun together.-M. O’Dell

Our son LOVES going to his karate class!! He has learned about discipline and self control. He has also made some good friends!! We are extremely pleased with Lions Karate of Fort Wayne!!!-P. Bandor

Exceptional with all of the kids. My son (7 years old) loves it and it has really paid off watching him improve at Lions Karate and at home exponentially over the last few months. We are actually going to our first tournament this Saturday and I have plans of joining the adult class in the next few months!-J.Moon

My son loves Lions Karate!!!! The friendly and supportive atmosphere creates a positive learning environment. Best of all each of the kids care for one another and are always willing to help each other. Love the Lions Karate family and Mr. Kuhn is hands down the best!!! - K. Petzold

We have only recently started but we can already tell that the people and environment are awesome. The sensei Ron is a great teacher and is really good with the kids. My DAUGHTER (#girlsdokaratetoo) is already hooked.-S.Hicks

Mr. Kuhn is a wonderful instructor. He really cares about his students. Very patient and knowledgeable. -J. Gillespie

My 11 year old daughter enrolled in Lions Karate with Mr. Kuhn just a few weeks ago but has loved it from day one. I have already noticed positive changes in her behavior and confidence. The students all seem to love Mr. Kuhn. I have watched several classes now and it is amazing to me how fast they all learn.-C.Newton

Our son loves Karate class at Lions Karate. Mr. Kuhn is very patient with the kids and is an excellent instructor.-L.Reed

My son has tried many activities and this is the first one that he begs to go to. We love that you can go up to 4 times a week and one unlimited price!- J.Spence

We love Lions Karate of Ft Wayne! My son has taken class here.
He love his class and this is a class he never want to miss.
Mr. Kuhn is amazing teacher, he has the perfect balance of discipline and firm kindness.
He is dedicated and great with the kids.
My son has gained so much confidence in himself and his abilities.
I strongly recommend Lions Karate of Ft Wayne to all parents-M.Suthiprapa

My 11 year old son absolutely loves taking classes at Lions Karate of Fort Wayne. His instructor, Mr. Kuhn, is an excellent teacher who truly has a passion for teaching kids. He teaches more than just Karate to the kids but also teaches self-confidence, focus, discipline, respect and self-esteem. If you are looking for a great Karate school for you or the kids, try them out, you will be glad that you did.-D.Pham

My Son Loves Lions Karate. Mr Kuhn Is the Most amazing instructor you could ever have. He has so much patience with the kids. I love how my son has grown, and learned not only Karate, but self control. He has learned so much, and has come so far. I would highly recommend Lions Karate of Fort Wayne to everyone. Its affordable, and not only will you learn, but you will have fun doing it!-T.Renko

My daughter has been attending class with Mr. Kuhn since last summer. She has learned so much and her self esteem has grown. Mr. Kuhn is dedicated to his students and is a wonderful role model to the students.-A.Dean

Our son loves going to karate at Lions Karate. Mr. Kuhn is very kind and patient. He truly cares about the kids and is a great role model for them. We appreciate all that our son is learning and how karate is helping to improve his focus and self esteem. We are so pleased with our experience here!-L.Gillespie

Lions Karate is a great place and has a very dedicated teacher. Mr. Kuhn is a patient man and having 3 boys involved in the class, he has been a great role model of making them work hard!! I would recommend Lions Karate to anyone wanting a great foundation for their children to learn Karate.-J.Llewellyn

Mr. Kuhn is an awesome instructor. He is always willing to help and cares about his students. He truly wants to see them succeed.-T.Gabet

Fort Wayne martial arts will benefit by having Mr. Kuhn there! Great instructor!!! He helped teach me!-S.Hanford

Mr.Kuhn is a great instructor with many years of experience. He is one of the good ones!-S.Patterson

Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable, very patient, and very good with children! Highly recommended!-K.Brown