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What makes Karate great for kids? Today kids have more distractions then ever before. With the internet, game systems, cell phones, tablets and other electronics devices and forms of communications kids don't often get enough exercise, or in person interaction with other kids. Karate classes are designed to keep kids moving, learning, working together and interacting with each other during each session. In addition kids learn to set goals by earning belts of different colors as they advance. Children who regularly exercise not only stay healthier but also earn higher grades.  


Karate vs Organized Sports - Karate is work at your own pace and everyone participates 100% of each class. Organized sports tend to have a "Weed Out" mentality which usually works in favor of older, bigger, stronger children. Those who are on the younger side of the age bracket or are smaller typically have difficulty competing. Karate is different because children work at their own pace regardless of age, size or athletic ability. We are not a competition focused school but do frequent a few tournaments per year. If a student wishes to compete in karate tournaments, competitors are divided by age, and belt color. Dividing belt colors ensures children with similiar skills and experience are competing with others of the same ability. And since Karate is work at your own pace children are able advance when they're ready and not at the pace of the class.

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